Savoca- a quiet hill village

This beautiful village located high above the sea with its authentic atmosphere yet to be discovered gives an impression that life goes on far from civilization, but that’s far from reality because Savoca has plenty to offer and people love to visit for a day or two and feel the way locals spend their days. Since I am a fan of Godfather trilogy discovering this place was really interesting. This is the place of the famous Bar Vitelli and the wedding church where Michael was married in. The village is so small and so Italian, and it warms my heart to be here and imagine the scenes as if they are shooting them right now. I enjoyed every moment I spent here.   During the first day the idea was to take a little walk around the village and to relax at the Bar Vitelli which obviously meant to have some granita, again 🙂 (little glass that I’m holding) with one of my favourite flavours- lemon, Granita di Limone. In my opinion this particular place had really great granita flavours and the texture was incredible. At the moment I set down and  enjoy my “breakfast”, there wasn’t any tourists or even locals and it was so peaceful and quiet-true paradise. It’s funny right, but in the summer granita and gelato are breakfast foods, that how Sicilians see it. For me it’s more of a refreshing snack during a hot Sicilian days.



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