Florence, you are my favorite!

There is a city which makes me feel a certain way with all of its palaces, churches, museums, villas, and gardens that are just magical in their own way. Florence warms my heart for so many reasons in which the hilltop towns of Tuscany are probably the most breathtaking since, for example San Gimignano dates back to the mid 14th century but the people are still living there as if  buildings are built recently and you can just feel the atmosphere and of course cherish it for a moment. People who are living in Tuscany seem to live their lives very proudly with a great respect for the history. The overwhelming filing that holds me when walking through this old structures and monuments is the reason why I am so happy to be here. Oh, Tuscany  is truly a beautiful region in  Italy, and as if that’s not enough, for them making extra virgin olive oil is a lifestyle which I truly admire and the wine sorts are exceptional, Tuscany is well known for their famous Chianti wine produced in the Chianti region. Yes, I enjoyed it very much at lunch and dinner. Nothing should qualified for a bigger enjoyment :). Needless to say, the food looks and tastes absolutely beautiful and delicious. I always try and be positive and open minded when it comes to trying new things especially if it’s about food and trying new flavours. These particular area in Italy demonstrates healthy and sustainable forward lifestyle in which I felt nothing but a refreshing pleasure.

I was so excited just to enjoy some time in Florence and to pass through this open air museum, because that’s what it is.. with all its towers, bridges, squares, fountains, statues. All I needed is to wander around maybe grab some gelato. Probably the best gelato in Florence is Vivoli gelateria and maybe just to mention best tip when choosing gelaterias is to pay attention the pistachio flavour. It should look dirty olivey green which means it’s probably homemade and if gelato looks pretty green, well pretty in this case means going to the next gelateria.


Romantic weekend in Castelo di Mammoli

A peaceful town of opera and olive oil with its romantic churches and hidden gardens is the place we spend couple of days and didn’t regret one bit. Lucca is one of the hilltop towns of Tuscany mentioned above which took my breath away on first sight, mainly because of the place where my bf and I stayed and truly feel in love with. This five star hotel in the top of the Tuscan hill was in fact Church of Mammoli (monastery) now transformed into a beautiful little heaven with amazing suits and rooms with the pool access up in a hill with a gorgeous landscape located on the top, the best spot to feel the breeze and all those herbs growing around the hills surrounded by olives trees. I honestly felt such a warm atmosphere.


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