I just can’t find the words to express bliss in my heart when I feel summer is coming with all of its laughter, colors, nights out and good times. I wanted to capture some great memory when my bf and I went exploring some hidden bays and secret beaches in Croatian coast with a little boat trip arrangement. There were several magnificat beaches with sea access only which were truly graceful and enjoyable and where the photos were shot.

Neoprene Cut Out Caged Bikini (here!)

Summer is beyond doubt my ultimate favourite season. I don’t know is it because I was born in the summer but it just feels like this time of the year brings out the best of me. Sometimes I like to close my eyes and imagine I am somewhere on the beach enjoying the laughter everywhere and seeing people drinking their cold summer drinks to cool them down while sun is at its peak hours and its so hot you don’t know whether you should stay underneath a tree, in the shade with drink in hand or go for a swim in the sea to cool down. Oh, summer is so beautiful!

I feel like spreading kindness is the theme of the summer season and it starts with planning the places you’d love to see, people you’d love to hang out with, things you’d love to do and taking photos for the memories  you’d love to have. Enjoy the summer and take care! x


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