Homaya- Indonesian restaurant

SATE CAMPUR – Mix satay of chicken, beef and pork, homemade peanut sauce, green beans salad and pickled vegetables.


ES CAMPUS – Mix fruit ice, a traditional Indonesian dessert

Indonesian food. Finally! I was so excited to try typical Indonesian food and couldn’t even imagine what it taste like. Homaya restaurant in Bali was first on the list since it was in the area and looked really attractive so we decided to give it a try. Personnel was so polite and we were treated in the best possible way. It’s obvious that the service is their ultimate strength. We enjoyed a glass of red wine, some interesting appetizer and Indonesian specialty. But, I was absolutely blown away with the dessert, I’ve never tried anything quite like this. It looked beautiful and tasted creamy sweet with lots of fruits. Es campus – Mix fruit ice, a traditional Indonesian dessert made of  grass jelly, sweet condensed milk, fermented cassava, basil seeds, avocado, and nata de coco, but the most important ingredients are shaved iced, coco pandan syrup, and sweet condensed milk. I was really amazed with this Indonesian simple yummy-cold dessert and will definitely include it in my list of sweets.


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