Bali- Island of the Gods

Leopard Print Maxi Dress found on the way to hotel

Hi and welcome to my little Bali insight. After infinite flight hours, for sure it felt like I’m gonna spent my life in that plane :), I was so relieved when I  saw how beautiful this place truly is. This trip was arranged together with my babe and we planed almost nothing, the best way to travel if somebody ask me.  We had only one hotel booked in advance  and pretty much everything else was planned on the way. Obviously, some research at home is unavoidable but it was mostly for opening our minds and ability to choose regarding our current mood while thinking and planning our activities. Accommodation that we booked was five star hotel  INAYA Putri Bali and everything was amazing there, everything. While booking and compering prices, the cheapest way for this hotel in particular, was through since it offered the best price compered to (for example) Oh what a joy, everything around me looked so different in the best possible way and felt like I could stay here and drink coconut water forever.


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