Nusa Dua | Bali Beach Paradise

Hello guys, how about a piece of paradise for this post 🙂 I feel so blessed and thankful for this moment in life in which I have successfully managed to clear my mind and leave behind all the things I didn’t want to bring along to this trip. I prioritized all of my emotions in order to have only the ones that makes me a better person and enjoy life within the moment, I know it may sound cliché but nothing revolutionary should happen if you want to bring your living to where you want it to be or at least do your best and enjoy the effort along the way. Honestly I believe it’s all in our state of mind. This beautiful Bali beach called Nusa Dua is the home to many of the island’s five star hotels Inaya Putri Bali Resort | this is my recommendation on the best value for the money with exceptional service and wonderful nature scenes like the sun rising over the bay and green fairways which feels like a dream. Kisses M



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